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Julia Fell MBA

Tony Parsons ACIB ACIS

Peter H. Minchin ACMA BSc(Hons)

Keith R Oates MBA

Pauline Garnett BA MCMI

Simon Tomlinson ACA, BA(Hons)

David Gledhill FCMI, MCIM, DipM FISMM


Loates HR & Training Consultancy

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Business consultants you can trust and rely on is essential when choosing the advice and help your business needs. That’s why our business consultancy services are tailored to your objectives and delivered only by experienced, professional business consultants.

Together we’ve around 300 years of real world experience, outstanding expert knowledge, plus we’re passionate about helping our area’s businesses succeed. You’ll quickly discover why businesses rely on Mistral Associates as the perfect choice for delivering results.

We don’t just deliver a plan then walk away – we help you make it happen.

  • FACT  SMEs that take advice do better than firms that don't
  • FACT  SME's that take intensive advice do even better

Source: Enterprise Research Centre, 2016

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Our Specialisms

Business Health Checks

  • Money
  • Markets
  • People
  • Infrastructure
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Business Planning & Preparation

  • Brexit Preparation
  • Business Set Ups
  • Business Scale Ups
  • Succession Planning
  • Raising Finance

Business Improvements

  • Business Growth
  • High Growth
  • Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Implementation Help
  • Business Finance

Business Advice & Support

  • Long Term Support
  • Business Sales
  • Management Buy Outs
  • Non-Exec Directorship

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“We were recommended to use Mistral's services. They made themselves available at very short notice and quickly assisted in revealing our financial position and advised on our options. Whilst it was no fun to hear the truth it was none-the-less vital that we did. We acted on their advice and I am extremely grateful for their input. I can strongly recommend them.”

Why Engage Business Consultants Now?

As business consultants we're always looking ahead but right now we can all see that massive changes to our business environment are on their way. Even if they don’t affect your business directly how will they affect your clients?

Your business needs to be at its absolute fittest to deal with the changes coming, and growth will most likely come from out-surviving your competitors.

The fresh viewpoint of experienced business consultants is probably the best investment you can make right now.

Changes are coming - speak to business consultants Mistral Associates

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Why choose Mistral Associates over other Business Consultants?

Mistral Associates - Business consultants for real help

You can expect professional and reliable advice from a first class business consultancy. However, you might not expect Real, physical help with implementing your chosen solutions; You might not expect Regular reviews in the future; You might not expect the consultancy to offer a Non-Executive Directorship service providing you with ongoing professional advice …

Mistral Associates delivers this and more.

We mean it when we say

'your business success is our mission'

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Choose the Business Consultancy Services You Need

From business health checks to business transformation projects, we'll help you choose the business consultancy services best for your business. A great place to start though is our professional Business Health Check. This gives you a confidential and independent assessment of exactly where your business is right now.

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Business Health Checks

Business Analysis for business growth or business transformation

Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Business Advice

Business Advice

Business Finance/MBO

Business Setups

Business Scaleups

Business Scaleups

Change Management

Change management | implementation

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